Coastal Mapping Research Studio
Oslo School of Architecture and Design
Institue of Urbanism and Landscape

The CMRS studios are mapping the impact of fisheries on Norwegian rural settlement on two geographical levels:

1. On a territorial level:
    The core areas - Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja (CM I–IV)
    and Finnmark (CM V–VI)
2. On the level of place.

The rural

Nearly all interests in urbanism, planning and architecture have for decades been directed towards the city. As a result, transformation processes in the rural areas, have been observed to a limited extent. In the spring of 2017, Karl Otto Ellefsen and Tarald Lundevall published "Fiskevær - Myre on the outside" on Pax publishing house. In 2019 the text was reworked into “North Atlantic Coast – A Monography of Place”.  The study discusses the impact of the fisheries and Norwegian fishing industry on settlements and demography – place and territory – how the industry shapes and changes places and how it influences the settlement pattern.

AHO has worked with CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing) on the Urbanization of Rural China in the Countryside Construction research project. This project has been linked to the ongoing work of OMA/AMO to map rural restructuring processes globally, exhibited at the Guggenheim, New York from February 2020.

The project is also a part of AHO research initiatives to study different aspects of sea/land relationships in northern coastal areas.